Farm Real Estate (tillable cropland)

Our goal is very clear—creative and aggressive marketing of farm real estate that results in the greatest satisfaction to buyer and seller.

We have an extensive database of land buyers from our 33 years of experience selling land. Each new listing receives careful marketing analysis to determine the best methods to achieve the goals of the seller.

We offer specialized help to farm families who are struggling with the decision about their parents’ (or grandparents’) farm. lt is common for heirs to have varied opinions and goals. Our Consultation Service can be very helpful to these families.

When it is determined that a land auction is the best method, we offer licensed auctioneering services.

Special Note: We offer full time professional land marketing only! Our time is not diluted with corn hybrid selection, or herbicide and insecticides, or associated record keeping as a farm manager. You will have our full-time expertise in selling your farmland.

Wind Turbines

We have sold farms with existing wind turbines and have helped families with the decision of how best to market and evaluate land with turbines planned or already constructed. This is a new wrinkle for landowners, and we welcome the challenge to handle the situation carefully. Learn more about farmland & wind turbine land values here >

IRS 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

We handled our first three way 1031 exchange back in l977. The methods and requirements have changed but the tax benefits can be very high. Let’s discuss how it may be a good solution for you.

Family Farms & How to Sell Inherited Farmland

Often we are asked to meet with a farm family to discuss the many issues and opinions related to selling the family farm. lt can be a challenge to bring the important factors out and help the members sort out a solution that makes personal and financial sense for all. We have provided this service many times and always welcome the opportunity to help in this sensitive arena.

Farmland Auctions & Real Estate Listings

Often we are asked to meet with a farm family to discuss the best way to sell the farm and we appreciate the opportunity to discuss methods of sale and how to get the best price per acre for any given farm or situation. Every farm is different, just like the circumstances for selling the farm are different – thus we may recommend a public land auction vs. a standard real estate listing.

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Indiana Farms 

From the heart of Tippecanoe County to the state line counties of Benton, Warren, Newton and beyond, we have local Indiana farm real estate agents to personally meet with you to maximize the sale of your farm real estate.

Illinois Farms

With local agents specializing in Iroquois County, Illinois and Vermilion County, Illinois we help families, heirs & landowners with the buying and selling of farm real estate. g