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Farmland Ownership Challenges:
Value & Selling an Undivided Interest

Since 1977, we’ve helped families, heirs, and trustees navigate the sale of farmland assets with undivided interests.

More Land Value. Since 1977.

Helping Tenants in Common Sell Undivided Land

We understand that selling the farm is often a once-in-a-lifetime process. Our most satisfied clients with tenants in common or undivided interest ownership challenges will attest to our advice, guidance, and land asset sales. Over the years, we've advised & helped countless fractional interest landowners navigate the successful sale of their family farms and land. Whether it's hundreds of acres or the family farm; Start a Conversation Today.


While the first steps & questions may seem overwhelming, we’ve been helping landowners like you Since 1977.

Can an undivided interest in land be sold or willed? How do you value or get an appraisal on fractional ownership of a farm? What discounts are given? Do we need a new survey & legal description? What are the difference between joint tenancy & fractional ownership? and What is the best way to transfer or keep it in the family?

Can you do a 1031 exchange on on a partial interest?


Answers & Solutions

Start a conversation with a Trusted Advisor & Broker. 

YES. You can sell your undivided interest in farms and land. Is it easy? In some cases, the answer is yes. In many cases, the answer is no. With our team of experienced advisors on your side, you get the knowledge, experience, and guidance that has helped landowners like you since 1977.

You Deserve More Land Value.

How Successful Sellers Divide Farmland Equally

5 Ways to Avoid Family Farm Inheritance Problems.

How Successful Sellers Divide Farmland Equally

5 Ways to Avoid Family Farm Inheritance Problems.

Our Values

  • Honoring Tradition

  • Grounded in Belief

  • Valuing Hard Work

  • Respecting the Land

  • Honoring Tradition

    Since 1977, We’ve Valued Farmers and Landowners.
    The Stewards of our great natural resources.

    We tip our hats to continual investment & preservation of soil, water, nutrients, and natural landscapes – sustaining our livelihood today and for generations to come.

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  • Grounded in Belief

    Whether we’re leaving it better than we found it, serving our local communities, or our
    higher purpose; our beliefs are the core of our actions.

    • Build a company that is significant and kind
    • Put the well-being of our people before profit
    • Remain honest in intentions and actions
    • We acknowledge our errors
    • We strive for continuous learning & improvement
    • Our clients’ best interests & goals guide our daily work

    More Value.
    Better Returns.

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  • Valuing Hard Work

    Since 1977 we’ve been dedicated to going to work for our clients. A team of full-time land professionals focused on adding more value. We have built an organization with its roots in a strong work ethic, dedication to customer service & communication, and a passion for getting the job done right.

    We know how to make an impact when it comes to:

    • Higher sale price
    • Shorter time on the market
    • Smoother closings

    Personal. Professional. Knowledgeable.
    Confident. Capable. Diligent.
    Expect More Value.

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  • Respecting the Land

    We’re rooted in the pursuit of progress in agricultural land, timber, and natural resources.

    Our Vision

    Working with those who value land, where landowners are celebrated for their work to support farmers, sustainable agriculture, enhancing natural landscapes & wildlife, while helping local communities thrive.

    Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to advance the connection of buyers and sellers of land in ways that are more beneficial for people and the planet.

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Our Team

"We care deeply about our clients and the work we do to solve family farm inheritance and undivided ownership challenges. Since 1977 our team has helped landowners through the challenges & success stories of the once-in-a-lifetime sale of the farm or inherited land."

Johnny Klemme, Advisor & Partner

Johnny Klemme

Nicholas George

Craig Stevenson

Chris Turnbell

Kyle Wilkinson

Jeremy Thompson

Serving Landowners Since 1977


  • Due Diligence

  • Value & Appraisals

  • Property Law & Accounting

  • Due Diligence

    Question & Answer Consultation

    Having family farm inheritance problems?

    There are many case studies and examples of how we have helped farm families and landowners with their undivided ownership challenges and dividing farmland equally. Splitting a farm  One of best steps you can take is to get the advice of an advisor/ broker, accountant, and/or attorney. You need the right people on your team to successfully value and sell your interest in the real estate, as well as understand the potential tax consequences you may incur.

    Since 1977

  • Value & Appraisals

    Market Analysis of the Property

    As a starting point, putting a value or price per acre on farmland is a necessary part of how you sell an undivided interest in land. In some cases, the basis or value of the land at the time of inheritance, or date of death (DOD),  may also require a valuation or appraisal. A ‘stepped up basis’ or current value of the land assets today will become the foundation for the strategy of the sale, or real ‘division’ of the farmland.

    Since 1977

  • Property Law & Accounting

    Indiana property law may come into effect during the sale of your undivided interest. This is typically the last resort, and we do our best to avoid this whenever we can. That said, some family members and landowners may not agree on value, discounts for the undivided interest, or the timing or method of sale.  When land is similar or “like kind” in soils, drainage, number of acres of tillable vs. non tillable, we often find the process to be simplified.  Regardless of the path forward, we always advise that we loop in your accountant and attorney, as they are the experts on real estate property laws, regulations, and requirements.

    Since 1977


What People Are Saying

"We knew we could trust Geswein Farm & Land. "

We knew we could trust Geswein Farm & Land. We have known Geswein Farm & Land for many years and knew we could trust them to handle such a large transaction for us. We were quite surprised when our family farm sold very quickly for a very fair price in today's market.

Leuck Family, 102 Acres

"We recommend Geswein Farm and Land Real Estate without reservation."

Consummate Professionals, Excellent & Timely communicators. They know the farming culture in Indiana, had interested buyers in hand from the beginning, helped us understand how to value our land. Found buyer who cares about land stewardship, which is important to us. We were pleased with the agreed upon price and the expedited closing. They also handled related details such as the farm survey flawlessly. We recommend Geswein Farm and Land Real Estate without reservation. Would use them again in a minute.

Abolt Family, 326 Acres

Indiana Farmland w/ Turbines

"Helped make selling the family farm much easier."

Helped make selling the family farm much easier. Ed & Johnny helped make these challenging decisions much easier and the entire process was very smooth.

Wetli Family, 194 Acres

"They are most knowledgeable farm and land real estate brokers I have ever worked with"

We highly recommend Geswein Farm & Land. Their knowledge of real estate & perhaps equally importantly, their sensitivity to people’s memories and experiences make them an outstanding listing agent. They are most knowledgeable farm and land real estate brokers I have ever worked with and ALWAYS available to answer questions and offer help.

Benson Family, 144 Acres

"Working with Johnny was a real pleasure."

We highly recommend their services to sellers. Working with Johnny was a real pleasure. He was knowledgeable, respectful, proactive when things began to happen quickly and thorough when we worked towards and ultimately through closing. My sisters and I appreciated his gentle heart towards us in light of the circumstances of our sale. He kept in close contact with us from the onset right through to the day we closed. He has even checked in a few times since then to see how we are doing. We highly recommend his services to a potential seller (or buyer for that matter!)

Johnson Family, 80 Acres

"Skilled, Caring and Professional; we highly recommend them."

We live in California but own a farm in Indiana. We found Geswein Farm & Land online and we sure are glad we did. We had a significant family ownership challenge with no easy answer. At first, we were hesitant with the proposed solution, but it turns out they were right. Now our family is on good terms again. Their team is skilled, caring, and professional; we highly recommend them.

Leach Family, 160 Acres

Warren County

"Experienced & Proactive Advisors & Brokers"

This team took care of every aspect of the sale including appraisals, management of the process, and negotiations on our undivided interest farms that are over 1,500 miles away from where we live. As an out of state landowners, we were impressed by the way they kept us informed and involved in every step of the process; their knowledge and experience in farmland sales in this region as well as their ability to interact with every member of our family was instrumental to the successful sale of farmland assets.

Morgan Family, 312 Acres


"Prompt with Communication & Thorough in Details"

My family and I had a great experience with Geswein when purchasing our property. We would highly recommend Chris Turnbell. Chris was prompt with communication, thorough with specific details, and left us feeling like we could count on him. He is refreshingly down to earth, level headed, and knowledgeable in his field. He worked hard to get needed information quickly, and made us feel like a priority.

Cage Family, 80 Acres


"Knowledgeable & Experienced Brokers "

I highly recommend Geswein and specifically Johnny. I had every confidence in his knowledge and expertise from the beginning. He sold our 85 acres of land quickly and at a great price. Everything was very easy. And I was always in the loop about what was happening. Thanks Johnny. We are very happy!

Reece Family, 85 Acres